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The Busy Signal’s diavlog series: J.A. Myerson Interviews Jonathan Cristol

2010 October 10
by J.A. Myerson

So, here’s a new thing I’m going to try: Skype conversations recorded on VodBurner (whose watermark, lamentably, is inescapably on the mastered video, unless you opt for the Pro version). For the first video in this series, I was honored to get a chance to speak with Jonathan Cristol, blogger at The American Interest and director of the Bard Globalization and International Affairs Project.

We disagree an awful lot about an awful lot of things (I’m a major human-rights-y kind of guy, primarily interested not in America’s interests but in the interests of the worldwide poor and oppressed, and I am furthermore probably what he means when he says far-left, a description I’d contest), but I decided to keep debate to a minimum and get his take on a few questions I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. Enjoy.

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