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The Busy Signal’s diavlog series: J.A. Myerson Interviews Rob Prince

2011 January 27

Rob Prince is a senior lecturer at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver (alma mater of, among other important members of the American foreign policy establishment, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice). He publishes at his blog,, especially on Tunisia and human rights.

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  1. Matthew Hunte permalink
    January 27, 2011

    That conflict in the Caribbean took place in both Guadeloupe and Martinique, which happens to be next door to my rock. During the uprising many folks came over here to buy basic supplies. There was also a racial element in Martinique, provoked by this documentary (in French) :

    This is the crude translation (via Google) of a letter that was circulating :


    Like me, you were likely to have seen and heard Mr. Alain Huyghues Despointes, promoted to the rank of Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur by decree of President of the Republic July 13, 2005, son of small bowel, beke of Martinique , holding about a bygone era that we could expect:
    1. On the historical reality of slavery, he says, “historians exaggerate a little problem, they speak mostly cons of slavery, but there are good sides as well. That’s where I do not agree with them, there are settlers who were very human with their slaves, who were freed, which gave them the opportunity to have a job, things … ”
    2. The fact that békés of Martinique do not mix, he replied: “…. When I see mixed families with white and black children are born with different colors, there is no harmony. There are some who are born with the same hair as me, others have frizzy hair in the same family with different skin colors. Personally, I find it not good. we wanted to preserve the race … ”

    Family HUYGHUES DESPOINTES built his fortune on the blood and sweat that our grandparents had no choice to do otherwise, and today continues to develop this property on the wallet and great grandchildren of slaves who have opportunity to make a choice.
    Over the years, Alain DESPOINTES acquired companies and now owns nearly all of the food industry of our islands. Always with the same mentality.

    Now I think it behooves us not to condone and accept that such men can continue to prosper by keeping such thoughts primary.
    Money has no smell or color it said. We must now realize that Mr. Alain DESPOINTES otherwise when he sees the company market its products were boycotted by the grandchildren of slaves.
    He must admit and all those who think like him that times have changed and that “the preservation of the race”, “harmony” led to all the excesses and abuses committed What men throughout history.

    Accordingly, I invite you all, little children of slaves, men and women of every race, enlightened and proud of what we are, to boycott products sold by this man who remained in slavery thought, this knight Legion of Honor. He is ashamed of his words!

    You will find below the list of companies that this man has and brands it markets. THE BOYCOTT! DO THE BUY MORE! and LET THE BOYCOTT!

    SOPROGLACES: Miko ice cream production, PARADISE ICE Floup
    SNYL: production of yoghurt and fruit juices YOPLAIT MAN Littée, CARESS CARIBBEAN
    SNEMBG: production of soft drinks Coca Cola, Orangina, SPRITE, FANTA, ROYAL SODA, THE ORDINARY, Vaval, CAPRISONNE.
    DENEL: production of juices and jams ROYAL MONT PELE

    SOCREMA: manufacture of ice cream, yogurt and fruit juice MIKO, PARADISE ICE Floup, Yoplait, CARESS CARIBBEAN.
    COFRIGO: distribution of soft drinks produced by SNEMBG and juice ROYAL

    DIADOM: distribution of soft drinks produced by SNEMBG and juice ROYAL
    CILAM DISTRIBUTION: Distribution of ice produced by SOPROGLACES
    Do not take this boycott, if you believe nothing will change
    Do nothing if you think he’s right

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